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C/LECT has developed an ACH Remittance Processing System (RPS) to process remittances that are sent by your customer via email and attachments, separate from their ACH payment.

  • Process Detached Remittances in Minutes!

    Using RPS, remittances that are sent in text, Excel and .PDF formats can be processed in minutes, saving hours of time and effort by eliminating the need for manual application. No scanning is required.

    The processed remittance file is designed to your specifications using either the 820, 823, BAI2 or proprietary format. Templates are built and maintained by C/LECT and are customized for each customer and remittance type, pulling all relevant information such as invoice number, net amount, discount amount, PO number, location code, etc. to ensure complete and accurate application.

  • Flexible Features

    • Automated Remittance processing provides the highest application hit rate at an affordable price.
    • Eliminate the need to manually apply remittance data when it is detached from the ACH payment.
    • Reports, spreadsheets and interface files created to your exact specifications.
    • Customized template for each customer based on the format the data is received in (Text, Excel, .PDF, etc.) and the fields and data to be captured to maximize auto-application.
    • Can be used for any size remittance.
    • Eliminates the need for remittance scanning for these types of payments.
    • Parsed file sent in the format you require (820, 823, BAI2, proprietary).
    • Multiple remittances can be processed daily and uploaded in one or multiple files.
    • Phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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