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C/LECT ® Consulting provides an on-site random sample of your customers’ payment habits and how they are handled by your A/R system. A summary and statistical analysis is provided based on the sample findings. By analyzing your environment, we can best prescribe the most cost effective preprocessing options, expected hit rate improvement and detail of your potential cost savings.

If you elect to purchase the C/LECT Cash Preprocessor base on the summary, the fee for the Random Sample is deducted from the final software price of your configuration.


  • Two resources onsite for two days to develop a comprehensive random sample analysis of customer rernittances.
  • Separate review of Lockbox, EDI, ACH with detached remittance, Large Account (top 20), Credit Card and proprietary payments.
  • Detailed spreadsheet of raw data used in the analysis for each segment.
  • Statistical Summary of all data gathered, including issues and potential recommendations for auto-application.
  • Potential auto-application hit rates and corresponding savings based on recommended modules and configuration.
  • Complete fixed-fee pricing for the C/LECT Cash Preprocessor based on recommended modules, for ease of cost justification.


C/LECT Consulting, Inc.