Claim/Deduction Management System

The C/LECT ® Claim/Deduction Management System (CDMS) is a web-based application that process claims and deductions. CDMS is work-queue driven that can be used by multiple departments, each with their own customized rules for managing and following-up customer discrepancies. Images of related documents (debit memo, check and remittance, invoice, credit memo, etc.) are automatically retrieved and stored in folders to provide maximum efficiency, drastically reducing resolution cycle time in a paperless environment.

  • Interfaces with any system to receive data for the following

    • Customer Header Bill-To and Ship-To Information
    • Customer Chargebacks
    • Returned Merchandise
    • Rebates
    • Shortage Reconciliations from the Warehouse
    • Advertising and Trade Promotions

  • Interfaces with your Accounts Receivable System

    • Stores open and closed A/R items
    • Transfer, reclassify and offset items
    • Updates A/R with Claim and Deduction status changes

  • Automated Image Retrieval of Documents

    • Invoice and Credit Memo Images
    • Check and Remittance data
    • Signed Proof of Delivery from carrier web sites
    • A/R Deduction and Chargeback Reports
    • Reports from interface systems
    • Scanned documents (Return Packing List, Debit Memos, Customer Correspondence)

  • Automated Document Storage

    • Documents stored by reference number in a single folder for each claim and deduction
    • Store, hold and use all documents needed for resolution
    • Access Images for viewing directly from Claim/Deduction Detail Screen hyperlink
    • Review, annotate, email, fax, print, track and resolve all or specific related documents
    • No need to invest in costly imaging systems
    • All users can view relevant correspondence in a paperless environment

  • Workflow based to follow Claims and Deductions through resolution

    • Trigger on new and changed items
    • Route claims and deductions to the proper work queue based on status and responsibility
    • Reminder items show on work queue based on specific follow-up criteria
    • Work queues by department and function
    • Web enabled for customers and brokers to review and respond
    • Management review and exception monitoring
    • Customized reporting by department and function
    • Customized letters stored in folder
    • Bundle all data for a single customer for faxing, printing or e-mail

  • Use our expertise to:

    • Help develop the specifications to meet your business needs
    • Design and Develop the system
    • Design the workflow to maximize productivity
    • Manage the process through installation
    • Develop custom user reference manuals tailored to your environment
    • Provide comprehensive user training


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